Serving Southern California's South Asian LGBT*Q community since 1997

Neha B. - Youth Programming Chair

What began as a small group of queer and trans* Desis meeting in someone's living room to find community and support has grown and flourished over the years, to become the only South Asian organization serving the LGBTQ population in Southern California. This nine minute video was shot in 2012 on the occasion of our 15th year Anniversary to tell the Satrang story and to capture what this organization has meant to so many.

Documentary by Shaan Dasani (Karma Theory Films)

 We're always looking for dedicated people to join the board.  If you want to make an impact in the Los Angeles South Asian LGBT*Q community, email us:


Keep Your Community Strong

Shaan D. - Board Consultant

Shaan joined the Satrang board in Fall 2012. He has served as the organization's secretary, webmaster and Board President through the 2015 term.  He is committed to creating safer spaces and communities for trans, queer, POC, and differently-abled folks.  

Empower.  Support.  Advocate.  Lead.  Celebrate.

Alina Bee - Social Media Chair & Board Member

Bio coming soon.

Bio coming soon.

Pia A. - Outreach & Co-Programming Chair, Treasurer

Pia joined the board at the start of 2014.    They have held positions as Youth Group Liason, Secretary, and Vice President in 2015. They strongly believe in the importance of intersectionality and are looking to help build connections between members of Satrang and across communities to better foster understanding and empowerment of those with marginalized identities.

Our History

Satrang offers quality LGBT*Q allyship and sensitivity trainings for community groups, organizations, and clubs. If your organization is interested in learning about terminology, resources, or how to be a stronger ally, this workshop is for you! Schedule a session by emailing us at

LGBT*Q Sensitivity


Meet Your 2016 Satrang Board

Satrang serves the South Asian community by promoting awareness, acceptance, empowerment and safe spaces for people with all sexual and gender identities. Through social, educational, and advocacy related events,our mission is to enable community members to establish cultural visibility and take a stand against oppression and discrimination in all its forms.