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Brother of a queer, 1st generation Woman

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

This letter was somewhat difficult for me to write for one main reason: when my sister came out to me, I did not feel anything that anything was particularly different or difficult at all, so I find it hard to pinpoint my exact feelings or response. She is my sister, someone whom I love unconditionally and whom I know loves me unconditionally as well.

Nothing about her coming out to me changed our common heritage and history or the inside jokes we share, and I look forward to welcoming whomever she chooses to be with (if anyone) into our family, as I always have.

I think it perhaps helped me that I consider sexuality to be a multi-dimensional space or spectrum, not just categories like “straight,” “bi,” and “gay.” While I mostly identify as “straight” and am in a loving heterosexual relationship, I believe I am somewhere within that space.

I am very proud of my sister for being true to herself and overcoming any concerns she may have had about telling me. I am also so thankful that she sees our relationship as a safe space where we can each be ourselves, in any and every way.

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